15+ Celebrities With Labrador Retrievers

15+ Celebrities With Labrador Retrievers

    Labradors are great dogs for busy people like Dick Cheney or Oprah and they are awesome pets with people with kids, like Jennifer Garner.  They love to be active, which is probably why the “Governator” always has his Chocolate Labrador out with him.  Beach lovers like Pamela Anderson and Minnie Driver enjoy taking their Labrador Retrievers  out for a run and a possible game of catch in the sand.
    There are many things to love about this breed including its friendly personality, its intelligence, and its love for life. If these traits aren’t enough to convince you that the Lab is a wonderful breed, take the word of some of your favorite celebrities who own Labradors of their own.
    As always, the point is that Labs are the best pets.

    1. Prince Charles with Harvey (Yellow Labrador)

    2. Jennifer Garner with Martha (Yellow Labrador)

    3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    4. Minnie Driver with Bubba

    5. Bill Clinton with Buddy

    6. Gwyneth Paltrow with Holden

    7. Betty White

    8. Sarah McLachlan

    9. Charles Esten 

    10. Miranda Lambert 

    11. Anne Hathaway with Esmerelda 

    12. Hulk with Rosello  

    13. Drew Barrymore 

    14. Steve Martin with Roger

    15. Mary Kate Olsen with Luca

    16. Kevin Costner

    17. Sandra Bullock

    18. Edie Falco with Marley

    Final thought
    These  celebrities Labrador Retriever owners know that Labs make wonderful pets. You don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy these dogs, either! So, if you are thinking about getting a new puppy, consider the Labrador breed as one of your top options.
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